OK guys, so if you’re using Webflow to design websites for your clients, then you seriously need to check out Webstudio. This thing is just amazingly.

I get it, Webflow’s been around longer, but trust me, Webstudio’s coming for that top spot. Why?

FIRST, it’s open source! If you go to their git hub repo you’ll find the code that runs their platform.

So that means that if someone needs a feature that doesn’t exist yet, they can build it themselves, then submit it on git hub for implementation in future versions.

That’s called a pull request.

Now imagine how fast a solution like this can grow when hundreds or thousands of delelopers worldwide come together to improve a solution.

You can’t do that with WebFlow. You have to wait for their developers to get around to do it…

Now no kidding, I’ve seen clever feature ideas that were submitted to webflow, years ago, that are still in the pipepline.

SECOND Webstudio’s deployment on the Cloudflare Edge network promises exceptional load speed and global reach for dynamic or static sites.

THIRD reason why I like WebStudio is their pricing structure. If you want full access for a lifetime, you

AND FINALLY, I think the way they’ve build this thing is just so user friendly. Let me show you this in action now.

OK guys so today we’re going to cover 5 Strategic SEO Techniques for Publishing Companies starting with technique #1 – Prioritize content quality

[b-roll bored people looking at computer]

Well yeah, clearly, if your visitors get bored by your content, your website is not going to grow that’s for sure

[back to Dave]

So the key is to create engaging, high quality content and for this, it’s really difficult to achieve that on your own. Websites that rank on top of Google’s search results is because they put a lot of combined effort into their content creation.

And for this, you really need Multicollab which is the only plugin that brings Google-Docs style features to your WordPress site. Let me show you…

Technique #2 is to conduct keyword research

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