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This is the ideal solution for those looking to start a real estate website as it comes packed with features and can be customized fully to your personal requirements.


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What's on the Listing

Agent & Property Pages

Generate single pages smartly, thanks to Theme Builder. Design and store all real estate website pages in one place.

Add a property’s photo, video & gallery

Display similar property ads

Showcase property details and terms

Establish the client- agent communication via form

Provide every agent’s contact information

Let customers leave reviews about agents

Add floor plans through a repeater

Query all properties assigned to a certain agent

Agent & Property Catalogs

Exhibit the property rental & sale offers alongside responsible agents through a legible front-end architecture.


Customize the property listing and team archive pages

Configure one listing & apply changes to all ads

Showcase property details in the grid

Link the agent’s photo to their single pages

Attach the “For Sale/For Rent” badges to each property

Add pagination to the property catalog

Showcase each agent’s social links via repeater

Sort the available properties by price, date, or year

Advanced Filters & Search

Showcase search results on the catalog page

Search the real estate ads from the home page and redirect to the property catalog.

Perform multi-level filtering

Find the top property ad by various parameters: purpose, location, property type, and amenities.

Output property ads on the Map Listing

Enable the Additional Providers feature to showcase real estate on the map. It will allow you to market rental property solutions more effectively.


Profile Builder

Assign user roles and enable agents to place and edit their property ads.

Build account pages for agents

Output listed property on the single agent’s page

Showcase Posted, Pending & Deleted ads

Add custom profile menu with settings and log out form

Use contact forms to establish onsite communication

Allow to submit new ads & edit the posted ones

Dynamic Reviews

Dedicate a website section to reviews and encourage clients to share their experiences

Add a reviews section to the single agent page

Let users leave comments and reply to posted reviews

Add the ability to like/dislike other reviews

Output the likes/dislikes counter

Allow users to star-rate agents

Real Estate Website Dynamic Features

Map Listing
Dynamic Visibility
Meta Boxes
Query Builder

Get Your Own Real Estate Website

Tons of skins, unnecessary pages, plugins that you “might need” in the future. That is not a Car Dealer story. We only packed what’s crucial for this particular development journey.

The “Less is more” approach is perfect for website speed optimization and easy setup. No need to waste time removing the unnecessary. Unpack Crocoblock and proceed to build a car dealer website.

With Crocoblock, you aren’t limited by the default template logic. Instead, it is easy to change page structures, mix listing grids, edit user accounts, and play with the dynamic data. Feel free to think different and add something new.

The car dealer website template is based solely on JetPlugins’ functionality. This means you get a perfectly matched set of 20 Elementor add-ons, developed by one team and having a holistic interface.

Plugins for CPTs, filter plugin, menu plugin, add-ons for visual effects—the list can go on unless you have a complex solution. With this car listing template, you pay only for niche-relevant features, combined in one place, so it’s a breeze to cut down unnecessary expenses.

Contacting several support teams about different products you’re using can be frustrating. Our team is readily available to point you in the right direction and answer any  questions. We’ve got your back covered nonstop and are connected to all possible messengers.