Grand Hotel Booking Website

This is the ideal solution for those looking to start a grand hotel booking website as it comes packed with features and can be customized fully to your personal requirements.


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What's Under the Roof

Room Single Pages

All room singles for your grand hotel website are created and stored in one place.

Single template for posts

You can readily adjust the desired attributes and apply them site-wide. The modified parameters will be pulled out from the admin panel automatically.

Custom fields

Typical meta fields for pages with the room types and catalogs are set for further work.

Custom Post Types

Inside, you’ll find the ready-made custom post types for advertised suites. Add the required categories or benefit by default ad groups.

Rooms Catalogs

Present the available room types and service pages as neatly organized catalogs.

Archive templates

Related services page and room catalogs inside. Customize the pre-designed templates to your liking. Apply the ready-made Header & Footer and Advanced Map to finish off the website design.


All facilities and parameters of the advertised room types are set on the back end and can be further outputted through Dynamic widgets. Plus, modify the “Choose your services” block if necessary.

Listing Grids & Layouts

Pre-made Listing Grids for “Room Categories,” room types, and additional services. You can also create new content categories and showcase them within different layouts.

Filtering Tool

Enable the site visitors to quickly find their way around the luxury space items.

Built-in AJAX filters:
Extra filtering features:

Booking Functionality

Let the visitors book a stay for as long as necessary through the inbuilt booking forms.

WooCommerce integration

A pre-configured WooCommerce checkout module inside. Customize it to meet your payment management objectives.

Custom booking settings

Integrated with iCal, Google Calendar, Integromat, or Zapier, JetBooking allows you to sync the schedule and automate the routine.

Weekly bookings

Thanks to the Check in — Check out dates, the guests will be able to book a stay for as long as necessary.

One-day bookings

Inbuilt per-night booking functionality allows visitors to enjoy their stay at the hotel on a daily basis.

Get Your Own Hotel Booking Website

Excess skin pages, singles, catalogs, plugins that you “might be using.” It has nothing in common with a Grand Hotel template. For the given development journey, we’ve picked up the vital components and features only.

The “Less is more” approach is the right fit as to website speed optimization and easy setup. You no longer have to spend time on manual template polishing. Unpack Crocoblock and build the coolest grand hotel website out there!

Crocoblock templates are versatile by default. This means that you can easily restructure all pages, edit user profiles, play with the dynamic data, and mix listing grids. Feel welcome to be unique and recast any dynamic template on your own.
The grand hotel website template is based wholly on JetPlugins. Getting it, you access 18 Elementor add-ons, which were developed by one team, have a holistic UI, and therefore, go absolutely well together.
With no package deal up a sleeve, chances are you’ll spend a lot more on plugins and add-ons separately. The grand hotel website houses every feature, vital for this particular niche. You get the core functionality in one place and ultimately slash down the costs.

Contacting several support teams about different products you’re using can be frustrating. Our team is readily available to point you in the right direction and answer any  questions. We’ve got your back covered nonstop and are connected to all possible messengers.