Medical Center Booking Website

This is the ideal solution for those looking to start a medical center appointment booking website as it comes packed with features and can be customized fully to your personal requirements.


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Department & Doctor Pages

Create and style single page templates from scratch in one
convenient interface. Use ready-made templates freely.

Showcase doctor details by pulling data from meta fields

Add certificates to a clickable photo gallery

Display appointment duration and price

Query all services assigned to a certain doctor

Let patients leave reviews about doctors

Indicate doctors who provide each service

Add a link to the appointment booking form

Department & Doctor Catalogs

Use JetEngine to promote the existing doctors and
departments through a responsive front-end architecture.

Showcase the doctor’s details in the grid

Make the department icons clickable

Configure one listing & apply changes to all items

Sort the available doctors by specialty

Output doctor’s schedule and reviews

Customize the department listing and staff archive pages

Appointment Booking Setup

Multi-step booking forms

Break the form into multiple parts and give patients more leeway to think over each step.

Availability calendar

Allow booking several time slots to see the same doctor on the same day from one account.

Appointment confirmation

Confirm the appointment and contact details by showing the patient a booking summary. Set the price calculation routine and output the service total on the front end.

Different payment options

Add a WooCommerce checkout supporting PayPal, Stripe payments, etc., to the website.

Third-party calendar services

Automate appointment booking via Google Calendar, iCal, Zapier, and Integromat.

Different payment options

Different payment options

Сreate a custom SQL query to pull appointment data from the DB table.

Table builder

Build a front-end table layout to show the appointment details at best.

Smart filters

Develop a filtering structure that will sort the appointment list by certain criteria.

Build & Manage Website Structure

Use JetThemeCore to build custom theme templates and website pages. Manage them all freely via one dashboard.

Build archive, single, and CPT pages

Enable/disable certain page elements

Apply different visibility conditions

Add badges to post thumbnails

Assign custom header, body, and footer templates

Medical Center Website Dynamic Features

Dynamic Visibility
Custom Post Type
Query Builder
Table Builder

Get Your Own Medical Center Website

Still think that a stack of potentially “useful” pages, skins, and plugins won’t have a toll on your project? In fact, they can slow down your website and complicate the setup.

We embrace the “Less is more” approach. Inside a lightweight medical center template, you’ll find what’s crucial for your development journey. No need to remove the unnecessary; unpack Crocoblock and proceed to build your private clinic website.

Crocoblock seeks to make the default template logic as versatile as possible. Therefore, you are free to change page structures, fine-tune the dynamic data, edit user accounts, and mix listing grids. Add anything and customize whatever you need.

The medical center website template contains nothing but JetPlugins’ feature set. This means you obtain 20 Elementor add-ons by a single team, which have the same interface and are fully compatible.

To develop a website from scratch, you’ll have to spring for many plugins and add-ons. We suggest a smart way to cut unnecessary expenses – the private clinic template. As a complex solution, it houses only niche-relevant components, all priced honestly.

Contacting several support teams about different products you’re using can be frustrating. Our team is readily available to point you in the right direction and answer any  questions. We’ve got your back covered nonstop and are connected to all possible messengers.