Small Hotel Booking Website

This is the ideal solution for those looking to start a mini hotel booking website as it comes packed with features and can be customized fully to your personal requirements.


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What's Under the Roof

Room Single Pages

No need to design all room singles for your mini-hotel website independently.

Single template for posts

Feel welcome to adjust the desired parameters and apply them site-wide. The modified attributes will be pulled out from the backend automatically.

Custom fields

The essential custom fields for pages with luxury apartments are totally work-ready.

Custom Post Types

Find inside the pre-made custom post types for advertised suites. Use the default ‘Suites Residences’ category or create your own.

Rooms Catalogs

Display the advertised suite rooms as a spick-and-span catalog.

Archive templates

Discover the pre-designed templates for related pages and rooms catalogs that can be customized as needed. To complete the core website design, apply the ready-made Header & Footer.


All parameters and amenities for the available suites have been preset and can be further pulled to the front-end through Dynamic widgets. You can modify the related services block as well.

Listing Grids & Layouts

We’ve packed Listing Grids for “Suites Residences,” “All Rooms,” and a slider for the photo gallery. Form new content categories and display them within different layouts if desired.

Filtering Tool

Empower the guests to find suitable luxury apartments fast and easy.

Built-in AJAX filters:
Extra filtering features:

Booking Functionality

Benefit by the preset booking forms to ease out the routine for potential guests.

WooCommerce integration

Take advantage of the pre-configured WooCommerce checkout and handle all payments effortlessly.

Custom booking settings

Sync the schedule and automate the processes by integrating JetBooking with iCal, Google Calendar, Integromat, or Zapier.

Weekly bookings

We made it possible to set the Check in — Check out dates, empowering your clients to book a long-term stay.

One-day bookings

Inbuilt per-night booking functionality enables guests to enjoy their daily stay in any given suite.

Get Your Own Mini Hotel Booking Website

A host of skins, surplus pages, plugins that you “might want” to use. That is not about the hotel booking template. We’ve boxed up the elements you’ll really need for this particular web development project.

Speaking of website easy setup and speed optimization, nothing works better than the “Less is more” approach. Forget about removing the unnecessary; save time and effort with Crocoblock. Unpack it to build a noteworthy mini-hotel website.

Crocoblock welcomes versatility, that’s why every dynamic template can be easily readjusted. Feel free to merge listing grids, edit user accounts, play with the dynamic data and page structures. Don’t be afraid to think differently and add whatever is crucial for you.
This room rental template is based entirely on JetPlugins’ feature set. This means you get 18 Elementor add-ons, developed by one team and sharing the same interface. Thanks to it, they go absolutely well together.
Without a complex solution, you’re supposed to pay for a variety of instruments – plugins for CPTs, menu plugin, filter plugin, add-ons for visual effects, etc. We offer you only niche-relevant features collected in a cost-effective mini-hotel website template.

Contacting several support teams about different products you’re using can be frustrating. Our team is readily available to point you in the right direction and answer any  questions. We’ve got your back covered nonstop and are connected to all possible messengers.