Appointment Booking Website for the Beauty Industry

This is the ideal solution for those looking to start a beauty salon booking website as it comes packed with features and can be customized fully to your personal requirements.


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What's on the Menu

Treatment & Therapist Singles

All single pages for your beauty spa website are tuned and good to go.

Single post templates

You can adjust the pre-set parameters and apply them to all pages easily. The attributes will be automatically pulled out from the admin panel.

Custom fields

All the vital meta boxes for spa center webpages are tuned to work properly.

Custom Post Types

Inside, you’ll find the pre-made custom post types for treatments and therapists. Feel free to expand and categorize your website pages the way you like.

Treatment & Therapist Catalogs

Design a responsive frontend architecture for available treatments and therapists.


Archive templates

Customize the included templates for spa specialists and services pages to your liking. Apply the ready-made Header & Footer, share socials, add a newsletter section, and more.


All parameters for the advertised treatments and therapists are set on the backend and can be displayed in the front by means of Dynamic widgets.

Listing Grids & Layouts

We packed the Listing Grids for “Our Team” and “Our Treatments.” Feel welcome to form new content categories and pick any layouts to display them.

Appointment Functionality

We’re here to help you implement a comfy appointment booking routine every client will appreciate.

Multi-step forms

Thanks to the page breakers feature, you’ll divide the Form into a sequence of easy-to-grasp steps.

Custom field templates

Adjust the way advertised therapists and treatments look in the front using custom templates for the Provider and Service fields.

Single-page booking

Except for the home page, your clients will be able to schedule appointments from Provider and Service single pages.

Appointment layouts

Output the vital appointment details using the joint action of the Listing Grid and Dynamic Field widgets.

Appointment Core Setup

Carefully vetted booking choices for you to deliver the ultimate user experience.

WooCommerce integration

Numerous WooCommerce modules are integrated. Tap into their potential and automate the payment solutions with no sweat.

Wizard setup

A guided Wizard will help you set up the schedule, add fields to the forms, and customize Providers & Services fast and easy.

12 custom field types

Mix and match the available filed types to gain more information about each scheduled appointment.

Ready-to-use schedule

Find inside the preset business hours, days off, holidays, and buffer time before/after the treatment.

Get Your Own Appointment Booking Website

Tons of skins, unnecessary pages, plugins that you “might need” in the future. That is not a Car Dealer story. We only packed what’s crucial for this particular development journey.

The “Less is more” approach is perfect for website speed optimization and easy setup. No need to waste time removing the unnecessary. Unpack Crocoblock and proceed to build a car dealer website.

With Crocoblock, you aren’t limited by the default template logic. Instead, it is easy to change page structures, mix listing grids, edit user accounts, and play with the dynamic data. Feel free to think different and add something new.

The car dealer website template is based solely on JetPlugins’ functionality. This means you get a perfectly matched set of 20 Elementor add-ons, developed by one team and having a holistic interface.

Plugins for CPTs, filter plugin, menu plugin, add-ons for visual effects—the list can go on unless you have a complex solution. With this car listing template, you pay only for niche-relevant features, combined in one place, so it’s a breeze to cut down unnecessary expenses.

Contacting several support teams about different products you’re using can be frustrating. Our team is readily available to point you in the right direction and answer any  questions. We’ve got your back covered nonstop and are connected to all possible messengers.